18 Days Later, Google Penguin 3.0 Continues To Slowly Roll Out Worldwide

Friday night, October 17th, Google finally pushed out a refresh/update of the Penguin algorithm, we code-named Penguin 3.0. We discovered later it was a worldwide update, impacting less than one-percent of English queries and that it would roll out for the next few weeks.

18 days later, two weeks and four days since, the roll out is still happening.

Google’s John Mueller confirmed this in a video hangout yesterday morning on Google+. The first question was about Penguin, and John Mueller said, “As far as I know, the whole data is still rolling out slowly.”

You can see the question and answer record 35 seconds into the video.

Webmasters and SEOs are also still seeing this slowly roll out and are having a hard time getting a handle on which algorithms are impacting which sites. Why? Well, we had Panda 4.1 roll out slowly and also the Pirate update overlap.


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