Four Ways To Track Down Where Your Competitors Are Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging
There are many ways to find guest blog opportunities, but one of my favorite ways to find them is through competitive research. In my post today I’m going to be talking about four different ways to find competitive guest blogging opportunities. Let’s jump in.

Backlink Audits

The first and least scalable way to track down where your competitors are guest blogging is by performing regular back link audits. Using a tool like Ahrefs, you can pull backlink reports and sift through them looking for websites where they have secured content placement on and determine which ones you would like to get placement on as well.

Footprint Identification

The second way to track down where your competitors are guest blogging is by identifying footprints that your competitors are leaving when they post. A lot of marketers are lazy, especially when it comes to guest blogging. Because they are lazy, they will use the same author bio over and over and over again (we don’t do this :) ). When you come across one of their posts, all you need to do is copy their bio and do an exact match search in Google to uncover many other guest post placements they have secured over the years.

Social Media Monitoring

The third way to track down where your competitors are guest blogging is by doing some simple social media monitoring. If your clients are doing “legitimate” guest blogging, they are most likely promoting it through their social media networks including Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and others.
What you need to do is find the key individuals in your competitors organizations that are guest blogging and begin to monitor their social media streams. Any time they publish a new piece, you will be able to see where, what they wrote about, and how they promoted it socially.

Brand Name Monitoring

The last way to track down where you competitors are guest blogging is by doing some brand monitoring. You can set up alerts in Trackur to monitor your competitors brand mentions. When you are alerted, you can jump over to the site mentioning them and see if it was a guest blog opportunity.

Once you’ve run through each of these, you can use Buzzstream to manage all of the opportunities you were able to uncover. Within Buzzstream you can then prioritize the opportunities based on whatever metrics you like such as page rank of the site. You can then attack the list however you would like.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share in the comments section below.


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