Why Social Media SEO Matters

For a long time getting prioritized presence in any search engine results meant employing Search Engine Optimization techniques of patching sites with as many keywords as possible, tagging other metadata and addition to the relevant content. Not anymore. The volatility of the internet and ever evolving online marketing strategies has resulted in sites becoming sophisticated and diverse. Need arose to use further strategies not only to differentiate but also to rank sites.

Among the drastic changes that have been employed is the advent of social media as a measurement of how important a site is to potential users. Social media is a combination of social signals and other media rankings. If you want to have an edge over other sites in search engines then consider optimization of the relevant industry social signals as a third pillar of good SEO after back linking of off-page and on-page sites actions. Of course innately external factors like how much influence your site or blog has on your viewers is diminutively hard to measure.

Social media as a measurement of a great site 

Looking at a broader picture, good technical SEO and social media are all up to the same thing, creating good content, creating interest in your readers. Good content leads to great read by your targets. The content will invariably be shared in social media. The sheer number of your presence in social media indicates to the search engine that your site is worthy of a read and gets higher rankings. For long people have resorted to black hat tactics and technical programming tricks to beat the search engine system even if their sites are complete waste of time. The revolution of the search engines is once again an attempt to making it achieve what it was intended for in the first place. Simple and plain, no one will want to link or read a website that looks like junk even if you SEO it to be the first choice in any search engine.

Components of a good social media SEO

Strictly speaking, these are the collection of items that defines your site, what draws your customers and what keeps them hooked to your site. Is your blog appealing? Think of the color scheme, the layout and visual invitation. The design typography becomes an important aspect of your site. What keeps your visitors hooked? The insightful nature of your articles, the tips and tricks, contents you offer for download will contribute to retaining your readers. Offer a useful perspective that will only be associated with your blogs. Interesting pictures and videos is also key. This is what will lead your targets to validate you in the crucial social media.

How search engines measure social importance

External validation comes in many forms but what the internet can measure is the amount of likes, re-tweets, shares and links of your contents on Google+, twitter, LinkedIn and many other variety of social networks. Search engines like Google and Bing have been modified to even display personal details of your followers and members of your social networks. As a small or medium enterprise owner, consider connecting with as many known and unknown online friends. In addition engage them and display as many relevant social media buttons in all pages of your website.

Social media measures continued relevance of your website 

The face of social media changes constantly. At the height of increased connectivity, new twists and turns develop that will require you to develop smart systems to capture interest other than that lame good morning tweet. A feedback loop constantly distributes and captures data. Big companies nowadays have fast and reliable customer services on Facebook and Twitter. An inquiry generates response as quickly. Establish contests and games if necessary to keep followers engaged. The main idea of social media SEO is to constantly generate presence in social media. Allow followers to be able to comment on posts, make downloads and all these things that define your blog without having to log in. Many people are less patient if a hurdle comes in the way to accessing your site.

Growing importance of Social media SEO 

Google was the first to announce integration of social media ratings in its search algorithms. At the time of launching Google+, which was heavily built on this function, companies which took this seriously are already reaping the benefits. According to an analysis of the powerful Google Analytics by TastyPlacement SEO experts, a Texas digital design firm, these companies have registered 350% increase in traffic, up to 400 percent of their keywords highly rated on initial Google pages and voila, more revenue by a 300 percentage factor! Jesse Stay, a social media marketing expert concurs in his books, "Google+ for Dummies and Google+ Marketing for Dummies". That Google+ is better for business than other social sites, that it is more of a platform layer for other Google products, the ease of integration contributing to higher success in Google searches.


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