Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What to look for, when hiring an SEO Consultant for Your Business

Small and large companies are hiring SEO Consultants to perform a variety of different functions. These professionals are high in demand today, especially those who have experience in certain areas. One of the main duties of a consultant, however, is to ensure the business has a great online presence. Therefore, creating a web page or a website for a company is only one of many essential steps in the search engine optimization process. Which means, if a business is going to be successful in the industry that they have chosen, they will need to ensure that users on the Internet can find their website very easily. This is also one of the main reasons why the best SEO Consultants are high in demand.

The role that they play in this business, is to make sure that the company's website displays prominently in the major search engine results (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Safari). Therefore, unless the business owner or their representative is educated and skilled in search engine optimization, it is a wise decision for the company to hire a reputable consultant that will help their website to get the praise and the success that it deserves.

When interviewing for these positions, there are some common things that every business owner or their representative should look for when they are filling these positions. Some of the most common tips and recommendations are listed below:

SEO Basics

Learn the basics of SEO. Which means, the business owner should learn some of the basic techniques along with the lingo. Without this information, it is virtually impossible to properly interview prospective SEO consultants, since the business owner must understand all of the services that they are expecting a consultant to provide. By doing the research prior to the interview, the owner will also understand the answers that the consultant gives in the interview. This is essential because some SEO strategists may engage in various risky online tactics. For instance, some consultants may use black-hat techniques when they are trying to achieve the results that their clients are looking for.

Black hat and other unethical techniques may backfire and cause other problems. Companies that engage in these strategies and techniques could wind up with their websites or web pages not showing up in any of the major search engine results. Therefore, the business owner must be in the position of recognizing the difference between the good as well as the bad SEO practices. As a result, they can avoid hiring consultants who are recommending potentially risky tactics to their clients as viable solutions.


Due to how fast the major search engines can change their algorithms, it is essential to identify those consultants who have experience with navigating thru all of the frequent search engine updates. These professionals must be able to make the changes without compromising the advertisement and marketing campaigns effectiveness. This identification process can be done by browsing through each of the candidate's website to view their SEO experience, The owner or the interviewer should also review any case studies to see if they can demonstrate and verity some of their past successes.

On the other hand, the owner should avoid judging the candidate's experience level by the total number of years in the industry, since is not the best indicator of potential success. Even though most consultants may make it a high priority to stay up-to-date with the most recent SEO activities, the business owner may encounter one of the older firms that use some of the outdated best practices.

Reference Checks

Check the potential candidate's references. Even when a potential candidate for the SEO consultant position claims high rankings, the business owner or their representatives should check these references and claims for validity. This means a company should not hire any SEO consultant until they have contacted and spoken with some of their previous clients. Additionally, the owner should avoid relying on testimonials only, specifically those that have been posted on the consultants' site.

Before hiring a consultant, the owner should also search for the consultants' site to determine how their sites rank in comparison to others. If the websites that they represent are buried in the rankings or their own site is low on the list of performance, the company should look for other consultants to fill their business needs.

The Effect of Twitter on SEO

Social media has become the mainstream way in which people are getting the word out about their business.  Twitter, one of the newer social medias on the market, is being used by businesses everywhere in order to utilize SEO for their marketing plan. This can mean having more consumers for a business, which is always the goal of any business out there.
Why Twitter Affects SEO
In studies that have been conducted it was found that when a business tweets a link for their business that search engines are picking up on this, which gives the business a higher ranking. The percentage as to the amount in which this affects the business is still debatable. However, many businesses claim that their SEO ranking is affected by around thirty percent through the tweets that are made by the business. What is truly remarkable about the SEO effect of Twitter is that even businesses who have no followers are still receiving the benefits of tweeting the business link. However, the effect is even better with more followers. Through the ability to buy twitter followers, a business can gain more followers to increase the effectiveness of their SEO through this social media site.

How to Use SEO on Twitter

Twitter has made it easy for businesses to perform SEO through their posts with the SEO tools that can be found through Twitter. There are several businesses who jump into Twitter without really knowing what to do. Yet, with the special SEO tools offered, the process of getting the business name out there becomes easier. And with the use of buy followers twitter the process of getting followers grouped with the SEO tools make it extremely easy to get the results needed.
The links that are put onto Twitter posts need to be easy to get to and also need to be significant to the business. Though it is the links used that increases the SEO marketability of the business, the business does need to realize that posting random links all the time can have a negative effect on their SEO. With the new protocol that Google and other search engines have put into place for their SEO rankings, using useless links or too many links can backfire on the company and actually hurt their rating in the search engines. There are several ways in which a person can incorporate links for their business, and these are tips a person should utilize. This will make the tweets more effective for those who are following the company. 
With all this being said, the company who is serious about becoming a top result in search engines, will have to ensure the SEO they utilize is appropriate and full of valuable information. Twitter is one route to use and should be utilized by all the businesses out there trying to make a name for themselves. The tools offered will make this a successful venture for the business and is even appropriate for those who may not know how they should be utilizing this tool to their advantage.